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Every 6th minute someone dies of complications of diabetes. Don't let that be you !
Take charge of your health and stay healthy

Complications of diabetes & how to prevent them ?

Get your blood sugar checked regularly – This includes 3 monthly HbA1c and home blood sugar monitoring as advised by your doctor.
To avoid risk of heart attack and stroke - keep Blood sugar, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure under control. STOP SMOKING.
To avoid kidney troubles - lower your daily salt intake. Control blood sugar levels and Blood pressure. Get blood & urine test as recommended.
Go for an Eye check - Atleast once a year even if you do not have any eye problems.
Take extra care of your feet - check your feet daily. If you feel any numbness, tingling sensation in the foot or have any sores, which are not healing, inform your doctor so it doesn't go out of control.
Dental disease – keep sugar under control and see a dentist every 6 months.
Get vaccinated – vaccines are not just for children, adults with diabetes also need them.
Take your medications regularly as advised – if you are having any problems with your medications, talk to your doctor clearly before stopping them.