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Diabetes Self Management Education

Are you a Diabetic or anyone in your family has Diabetes?
Do you worry about what to do when you have high blood sugars?
Are you confused about what to eat and what not to eat?
Do you know how to prevent complications of Diabetes?
Are you scared of low blood sugars?

Get all these questions answered and more at our

Diabetes Self Management Education Program


“Meri Sehat, Mere Haath”

An educational program for patients with Diabetes

FIRST OF ITS KIND IN INDIA  by an internationally trained team


September 5th, 2015 (10:00 am – 1 pm)

Contact us for more information & registration
Limited places available on first come, first served basis.


What is this?

DSME/S involves education and training on various aspects of diabetes and its self management.

This is a concept which is very new in India. Our centre is one of the first in India which is providing structured Diabetes Self Management Education & Support to the patients by the team of Diabetologist, Diabetes Educators and Exercise Physiologist. This program is not just useful for patients with Diabetes but also for people who have Prediabetes.

What is the need for DSME/S?

DSME is the cornerstone of care for all individuals with Diabetes who want to achieve successful health-related outcomes. Research has shown that DSME/S improves diabetes outcomes, including

  • Helping to reduce HbA1C levels;
  • Reducing the onset and/or advancement of diabetes complications;
  • Improving lifestyle behaviors, such as eating a more healthful diet and exercising more frequently;
  • Decreasing diabetes-related distress and depression.
  • Reduces need for hospital admission.

Our Program

Living Well with Diabetes – Meri Sehat, Mere Haath.

It involves a 4 hour group class to provide a summary of what patients need to know to manage their diabetes better and live better with it. During this class you will receive education from our complete team, including the Diabetologist, Diabetes Educator and Exercise Physiologist. Topics covered in this program include:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Being Active – exercise basics. How to manage medications with your exercise routine.
  • Monitoring – how to check your blood sugars and how frequently to check them.
  • Taking Medication – including oral and injectable medications.
  • Problem Solving - Managing sick days, manage hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.
  • Reducing Risks – knowing complications and how to prevent them

The Program is offered once every 3 months. Please contact us to find out about the next date for the program. This program is open for everyone for a nominal fees of Rs 750/-. It is offered free to patients who are enrolled in our 3 monthly or yearly diabetes care program. Prior registration is required for all participants since we have limited seats.