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Lifestyle modifications

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Quit smoking – we all know smoking is harmful for health, even every person who smokes, knows about it. We do understand that it is not easy to quit smoking but if there is someone who can do that, it is YOU! No one else can do that for you! Here, at the Centre we can help and assist you with quitting smoking. Talk to us and seek help on time.
  • Alcohol – alcohol intake should be kept to a minimum. It affects your blood sugar levels, cholesterol in adverse ways and puts you at risk of obesity, liver disease, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and various other problems. There are medications, which can help people quit alcohol. Seek help and regulate your alcohol intake.
  • Stress relief – stress is the biggest perpetuator of all lifestyle associated diseases. Good news is that simple modifications can help you relieve stress when done on a regular basis and help you give a new lease of life. This can help you control your mind and body both. Best thing is that stress management techniques come with a guarantee and have no side effects associated with them! Ask us how you can find way to help relieve stress……