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Management (medical & surgical)

At our centre, we help guide patients regarding different methods of weight loss and also help manage their weight related medical problems as part of helping them with losing their weight. Patients are seen by team of Obesity Medicine Specialist, who are physicians trained in managing Obesity and its related medical problems, along with nutritionist and exercise physiologist. They together help lay out a comprehensive plan to help you loose weight safely and effectively.

We have intensive phase and maintenance phase programs to help people loose weight and keep it off for long period of time.

We also counsel patients regarding surgical methods and we have Dr. Vikas Singhal, Consultant GI & Bariatric Surgeon, Fellowship trained in Bariatric & GI Surgery from Cleveland, USA. The surgery if needed is being done at Jaypee Hospital but the patients can be seen both pre- and post-operatively at Swasthik Diabetes & Metabolic Centre.